What You Need To Consider Before Painting Outdoor Sketches

The weather can be unpredictable. What you need to know before painting outdoor sketch Articles when the weather isn’t stable. Painting color sketches takes much time. Therefore, you can make a reference from them and then create the painting in the studio. If you surround yourself with the beauty of nature, you’ll be able express the special climate and customs in any given location.

Oil paint works best for outdoor use. The smaller the canvas or pallet, the quicker you can paint them. Small color sketches, made before creation, are often painted onto paper or cardboard. These two substrates can be used to draw color sketches. The price of some sketch painting paper is very affordable. Although some artists do not like the sketch paper due to its sticky surface, others love it.

We cannot deny that there are still some factors which will influence outdoor painting. Many artists experienced sunburns from the sun, insect bites caused by wind gusts or heavy rain. In the summer bring along some insect repellents, sunscreen, a sunshade cap and other protection. However, in the winter bring thick warm socks and even a thermal bottle if you have to. There is an umbrella available for any weather. These preparations do not seem redundant because, if your body feels uncomfortable, it will affect the quality of your oil paintings.

Some painters are more inclined to choose the scenery, because they feel it’s easier to create than a construction or portrait. Although you may not have to draw them exactly the way the object is drawn (if it’s not necessary to match the lines in the painting of the mountain and the objects), careful observation and painting techniques are important. To meet compositional needs, you can move one object around (such as moving a tree from one end to the other). It is not allowed to change the shape or size of the object. This will make it lose its original characteristics.

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